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Van Vinikow, a talented violinist, has been providing the Reno/Lake Tahoe area with beautiful wedding music since 1982. Van, aka the Supreme Being, has been arranging string music from the Great American Song Book as well as more contemporary artists like Katy Perry and Guns N Roses. The String Beings want to remind you that there are two things your guests will remember, and the music will be one of them! Here are a few tips on how to make sure that you wedding will be one that no one forgets:

1. Play a mix of genres

The String Beings pride themselves in their “Versatunatility”; they can arrange a set that incorporates your favorite bands, popular music and favorite songs that aid in the celebration.

2. Pick a professional group of musicians

Van and his fellow musicians are the perfect mix of professional and fun. The String Beings always dress in formal suit and tie attire (unless specified otherwise) and they keep playing until the party is over, with a ten minute break every hour. When you pick the String Beings, you’ll get a group that will perform and exceed your expectations.

3. Choose a wedding group you can afford

Van Vinikow wants the String Beings to be available to anyone with any type of budget. The String Beings’ rates reflect the Supreme Beings’ belief that everyone should be able to have beautiful music at their wedding. All prices include travel expense, sharps, flats and rests.

You can tune in to the String Beings’ most popular selections here.

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