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With over 30 years of Weddings, and 1,000+ceremonies under our ‘fingers’...Our Experience still makes the Difference! For Example, I have become an expert at timing the music and how far you will walk to the altar. Watch the Video! Is it merely a coincidence that you and your father arrive to your groom JUST as the Processional Selection you chose came to an end?! Hmmmm…


The String Beings will be in place to play 30 minutes before your ceremony starts. There is truth in the saying, “You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression”. The moment your guests see and hear The String Beings' beautiful music two things will happen. They will be very impressed that you cared enough to grace your ceremony with live music, and this impression will remain with them for the rest of the wedding day! For your music selections I can work with you to pick the songs that we will play throughout the day.
The String Beings’ Wedding Demo CD and Video will help you select the essential musical choices for your wedding: Seating of the Mothers, Bridesmaids Entrance, Bridal Processional (That’s YOU!), and Recessional. Other places for music in the wedding ceremony can include Candle Lighting, Communion, and Rose Presentation to Parents. We love to accompany singers. If there is a singer, we will rehearse just before the ceremony so the song is fresh in everyone’s mind.


Whew! It’s Over! You Two Did It!

For the Recessional we play joyous, uplifting music until the last of your guests have headed out to begin the Celebration of your marriage.

Wedding Receptions

Wedding Reception

This is a time of joy and excitement. Congratulations!

Now The String Beings work hard to match the energy of the guests by playing lively- happy- joyous- pieces. We’ll play The Three B’s = Broadway- Beatles -Bruno Mars, Film Themes, and move to contemporary artists. Requests from guests are always welcome. They can come over and select whatever they want to hear from my book.

Nothing is worse than having to shout over the music. You can stand next to us and talk; conversely you’ll be able to hear us across a crowded room.

"Being acoustic means never having to raise your voice over our music!"

Special Events

Go Being!

There is nothing on earth that can equal the energy or magic of live music made with live musicians! An acoustic string group creates perfect background music. It is loud enough to be heard from long distances, but soft enough to carry on a normal conversation in group gatherings. Live music says that you care about your clients and want to give them an ambience of beautiful sounds.

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