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A String Beings Trio is two violins and a cello. A String Quartet adds a Viola to the Trio. The quartet contains more harmony, a bit more volume, and works well for groups of 100 or more. Both groups play the same music. I also offer a duo of violin and cello, and/or solo violin when appropriate.
We do love to play out of doors. Everyone is so surprised to hear how far our music can carry outdoors (up to ¼ mile!). We do need SHADE to play outside. The varnish on our instruments cannot withstand the direct sun for any length of time. People will can & do dance to our music.
Being acoustic our only need is four sturdy chairs. We bring our own music stands and our work uniform is usually formal black and white unless otherwise specified. We will work hard for you, and only take a ten minute break on the hour. If we are hired for three or more hours, you must feed the animals consistent with what your guests are Being served. What could be more fun and elegant than dining and being serenaded with fine music by The String Beings?
We have been invited to play for five Nevada Governors’ VIP Inaugural Ball Receptions. Played parties for (then) Vice president George H.W. Bush. (the Secret Service dogs got their noses right up to my violin. Glad they didn’t drool?!) And President Jimmy Carter’s wife Rosalyn. I had no idea up until he was writing the check that we had played for the wedding of James Hetfield=METTALICA! The TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA Christmas performances in Reno were always fun and challenging. Try reading music through smoke and strobe lights!? AND…Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval=wedding alumni!